Altr and Monaco Legend Group Join Forces to Revolutionize the Watch Auction Industry

3 min readOct 20, 2023

Altr is thrilled to announce its strategic partnership with Monaco Legend Group (MLG), a renowned watch auction house for rare and collectible timepieces. This partnership will transform the world of luxury collectibles, introducing an advanced digitization platform that empowers collectors in numerous ways. Altr and Monaco Legend Group are heralding a new era for collectors, where collection management, preservation, valuation, and innovative possibilities converge in one powerful partnership.

Today, managing collections can be a daunting task. Altr’s platform offers collectors a secure and comprehensive solution to consolidate vital information and images of their treasured items, eliminating the need for scattered Excel sheets and introducing a cutting-edge digital collection management tool.

The standout feature of this partnership is the concept of ‘digital twins.’ Every item digitized through Altr becomes a distinct digital counterpart of the physical object, enabling collectors to enjoy their collections both online and offline. It represents a groundbreaking bridge between the physical and digital realms of collectibles. However, this partnership offers more than just digitization. Altr’s platform also includes a valuable tracking and valuation component. Every three months, Altr’s expert committee assesses and updates the valuation of the digitized items, providing collectors with real-time insights into their item’s worth.

Moreover, these digital certificates unlock a raft of possibilities. Collectors can explore opportunities to utilize their certified items as collateral for lending or engage in secure trading on the market. The certificates are highly customizable, allowing collectors to decide whether to keep them private or share them with the world through their user interface.

Altr’s advisor and supporter, Davide Rovelli: “As pioneers in blockchain technology and digital authentication, we are delighted to collaborate with such a prestigious brand in the auction house industry. Together, we are dedicated to transforming the way collectors engage with rare and vintage timepieces. Our advanced digitization platform and the concept of ‘digital twins’ will revolutionize collection management and empower collectors like never before”.

The partnership with Monaco Legend Group is a milestone in this sector. All watches featured in the upcoming Monaco Legend Group Exclusive Timepieces sale have already received certification and valuation from the auction house experts. Altr is making it seamless for winning bidders to acquire their prized possessions and maintain them on-chain with Altr’s secure digital certification.

Davide Parmegiani, newly appointed Expert Oracle for Altr and Monaco Legend Group Co-Chairman: “Our partnership with Altr is a testament to the boundless possibilities that lie ahead as we embrace digital innovation to enhance the collector’s experience. This collaboration will not only strengthen our position as a leading watch auction house but also enable us to reach and engage with new generations of watch collectors.”

The Exclusive Timepieces sale is scheduled for October 21st and 22nd, and it can be attended both online and in person in Monaco at HÔTEL MÉRIDIEN BEACH PLAZA, MONACO. For complete details and the watch catalogue, please visit this link.




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