Altr Unlocks the Future of Lending

3 min readFeb 8, 2024


We are excited to offer a unique glimpse into the future of lending with the release of our Loan Simulator. This tool is designed to give users an early look at how they can leverage their luxury collectibles as borrowers or provide liquidity as lenders, serving as a precursor to the launch of Altr’s lending platform, which promises to be a game-changer in the luxury collectibles space.

Explore the Loan Simulator and prepare for the transformative lending solutions that Altr is set to unveil.

A Glimpse into the Future of Lending

With Altr’s innovative lending platform, you get more than just lending; you get a glimpse into the future of lending, where your prized collectibles become a source of financial flexibility. Using your digitised luxury collectibles as collateral, you can access liquidity with various loan terms that align with your unique financial goals. It’s a concept that transforms your cherished possessions into powerful financial assets.

Providing liquidity on the Altr protocol also offers numerous benefits, including earning a high fixed annual percentage yield (APY) on a highly secure blockchain-based platform ensuring swift and transparent transactions. By providing liquidity with USDT, you become an integral part of the lending ecosystem, facilitating borrowing and lending activities while earning rewards for your participation.

Why Digitizing Your Assets is Beneficial

At the heart of Altr’s innovation is the digitisation of physical assets. By transforming your luxury collectibles into digital tokens on the blockchain, Altr not only captures the item’s value, ownership history, and authenticity but also simplifies their management allowing collectors to use their digital twins as collateral, providing a flexible borrowing experience without the need to permanently part with the physical asset. Read more here.

This groundbreaking process starts when you click on “Launch App.” After completing the KYC process, you can initiate the digitization of your assets, creating a digital certificate that encapsulates the essence of your physical collectibles. This process involves submitting verified information about the collectibles. Upon approval by leading industry experts, Altr issues an NFT enriched with metadata representing the physical item, which can be used as collateral.

Whether you’re a potential borrower or lender, both processes start with completing your KYC on the platform. Get ahead by ensuring your account is verified and ready to participate at launch.

Transparent Valuations and Asset Protection

Altr’s Oracle Price Index brings transparency and fairness to the valuation of your collectibles. With valuations conducted by Altr’s reputed Oracles, you can rest assured that the worth of your assets is accurately assessed. To ensure their protection, all assets are securely stored in third-party vaults for the duration of the loan period, giving you peace of mind. Upon full repayment of the loan plus interest, the collectible is returned to the borrower.

Join the Altr Revolution

Altr is not just a platform for today; it’s a vision for the future of real-world asset-backed lending through the power of blockchain technology. We are committed to revolutionising the lending landscape, making it more accessible, efficient, and secure.

The Loan Simulator is just a glimpse. By engaging with it and starting the digitisation process now, you’re positioning yourself to make the most of our groundbreaking lending platform upon its release, set to be announced very soon!

Learn more about Altr here.




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