Lucidao Community Update Q3 | 2022

3 min readSep 23, 2022
Lucidao Community Update

Dear Community,

You may have seen a lot of communication coming through our various channels in recent weeks, however, the purpose of this update is to present you with a summary of all recent developments.

Despite the challenging market conditions, our focus has been on working hard to get our first Dapp, Altr, launched. Our initial goal was to launch Altr with a primary “buy & trade” functionality, but we have more ambitious plans. We are ensuring to include additional core functionalities that will truly separate Altr from any alternatives in the space. These core functionalities include buying and trading collectibles, fractionalising, collateralising and digitising physical assets.

We have taken some proactive steps to ensure Lucidao is better equipped to take advantage of the changing environment and have secured even stronger partnerships and oracles to help drive growth.

Dapp Progress & Tech:

  • Lucidao will be launching its first Dapp (Altr) in Q4 of this year. While we had originally targeted Q3, this has been slightly delayed due to some clarification on legal matters, which have now been resolved.
  • The current landing page can be found here —
  • We have onboarded one oracle to the platform, The Watch Boutique, and will be putting forward a proposal for two additional oracles in the coming weeks, one focused on collection cars and the other on luxury auctions.
  • We have published an alpha version of the protocol that was tested by volunteers picked up from our Discord community; this exercise highlighted minor changes needed and supported the tech team in refining the protocol itself.

In order to build the alpha version, below are the main developments that took place:

  • Developed a set of smart contracts to allow for NFT minting, purchase and sales of these NFTs as well as redemption of the collectible through the burning of the NFT and fees management
  • Integrated the protocol within an IPFS framework
  • Created a database structure to support the protocol
  • Developed indexing to optimize the database’s performance
  • Developed the backend of the platform
  • Developed the API layer
  • Created the marketplace back office and the marketplace frontend.


Our team has remained small but highly efficient. Our current team consists of 8 members, including two lead developers, two lead Strategists, two Project Managers, and Account leads. As we look to expand the marketplace in the coming months, we will expand the team and hire more experienced talent to lead core business functions.


  • We engaged with one of the most respected Web 3 agencies in the space to help drive marketing initiatives and traffic.
  • We have launched a few live Twitter spaces to drive conversation and introduced our first Oracle — The Watch Boutique.
  • We will attend several real-world events in the coming months, including Auctions, watch shows, car events and Web3/blockchain events.
  • We sponsored the Lugano Plan B Summer school, and will also be a sponsor for the upcoming Plan B forum in October.

We hope this provides a good overview of the latest events and developments at Lucidao. Please feel free to contact us on Discord with any queries you may have; we’ll be glad to answer your questions and keep the discussion going.

We remain very excited about what we are building and what is ahead and look forward to enjoying the ride with our community. Stay tuned for updates on release dates which will be shared on our social channels!

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