Lucidao initial sale successfully concluded

Yesterday was a blast. In less than 6 hours, the Lucidao protocol raised 555’555 fUSDT from its first community members. The initial sale started around 3.20 pm CET and in a matter of minutes, most of the funding allocations were rapidly filled. Lucidao is swiftly capturing interest thanks to its unique value proposition of bridging crypto and real worlds.

Today, traditional business owners do not have the means to harness the tremendous opportunities unleashed by the multifaceted features of the blockchain. Lucidao is providing a clear solution to fill this gap, bridging crypto and real worlds by connecting crypto communities with traditional business owners (oracles) on the Lucidao platform. In such a fragmented crypto ecosystem, Lucidao was born as a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) where all decisions are governed by its community members.

Lucidao is based on the Open Zeppelin Protocol which allows Lucidao members to propose and vote for any feature they want to implement on the protocol.

Lucidao second sale will start on the 5th of January 2022, community members can now whitelist their Fantom address on to reserve their seat in this new sale, raising more than 1.2 million fUSDT.

The public listing will happen on SushiSwap on the 14th of January 2022. For further details about the sales schedule, please refer to

Let’s bridge crypto and real worlds, together!




Lucidao is a governance protocol that connects crypto holders with traditional business owners

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Lucidao is a governance protocol that connects crypto holders with traditional business owners

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