Lucidao Update 0.1 | March — Week 2

Dear Lucidao Community,

This is the start of an article series which is meant to provide you with weekly updates about the developments of the Lucidao governance protocol. As you may have read from Discord or through other social channels, now we are mostly busy with the development of the beta version of the marketplace, our first dApp.

This will be a very important milestone for the Lucidao community and will mark the first step towards the achievement of our mission: bridging crypto and real worlds.

Few days ago, we shared some of the latest insights about the technical progress that the development team made on the beta version of the Lucidao marketplace. In case you missed that article, please check it here.

The developers are working hand-in-hand with the UX designers to provide the best customer experience both to crypto holders and oracles. This will result in the unique and on-chain marketplace for luxury collectibles, disintermediating the transactions of oracles and crypto holders. Indeed, we are not only optimizing UX and flows for crypto holders but also for oracles. Ok, let’s share a couple sneak peeks of both views.

As an example, this is just the initial landing page of the marketplace. Be patient, we are going to disclose more and more in the next few days through other medium articles and social posts. Please keep in mind that this is not yet the final design and will evolve until complete release.

beta preview

But let us share the oracle view as well, the grey background in this case indicates that the NFT related to the luxury collectible has not been minted yet. In fact, once the minting will be done the color will change as a consequence and more information will appear, such as the contract address, token ID and more. This will basically be the back-end of the oracles. Cool huh?

beta preview

We are also working closely with one of our key oracles, The Watch Boutique, to streamline the physical operations and thus the delivery of your luxury collectible, its storage, the insurance and so on. We are collaborating to ensure a smooth UX from the moment you start browsing their fabulous watch collection until you become the owner of one or several NFTs, and either decide to hold your NFT and keep your watch stored or take possession of the collectibles you bought.

These are just some updates that we wanted to share with you today but please don’t hesitate to reach us on Discord with your suggestions and questions, we’ll be happy to answer!

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