Lucidao Update 0.2 | March — Week 3

Dear Lucidao Community,

There has been much work done behind the scenes by the Lucidao team in the last week. From a strategic perspective, there will be some big news soon that will revolutionize our protocol and increase Lucidao’s community potential.

The marketplace is becoming more concrete from a back- and front-end perspective. One must consider that this is still a beta version, so significant improvements in design and flow will be made in the coming weeks. Below is a view of the shop page where all luxury collectibles are listed. We are currently concentrating on luxury watches but will shortly introduce additional product categories.

There are many filters users can play with to find their desired luxury collectible. More watch details and purchase features are visible by clicking on their selected choice.

It will be possible to pay for the luxury collectible with different stable coins, e.g. USDT, USDC, etc.
After selecting the preferred stable coin, a user will have to approve the transaction and proceed with payment.

A small service fee will be charged in LCD, which will further boost the potential of Lucidao protocol. Once the payment is completed, the user will be able to check the transaction and will effectively own the luxury collectible. The buyer can decide whether to redeem the physical item or simply hold the NFT generated a the point of purchase, representing ownership of the underlying purchased item. Our oracles will take care of background activities (storage, insurance, etc.).

That’s all for today but don’t forget to follow our channels to keep up to date on upcoming developments!

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Lucidao is a governance protocol that connects crypto holders with traditional business owners