Lucidao Update 0.9 | June - Week 4

Dear Lucidao Community,

This is week 2 of our Beta Marketplace unveiling and you’ll be able to understand and observe the process from the eye of the user, how one can register, browse through luxury collectibles, buy one or several and opt for the retrieval of one or all his collectibles.

For those willing to see it all at once before reading about the different steps, here is a video of the process:

Now, get into the skin of a happy user, who wants to dive into the collectibles world using Lucidao Marketplace!

Type the address, push enter: BOOM you are on the most innovative crypto marketplace, bridging the exciting world of blockchain with physical Oracles willing to open their vaults to a new type of customers!

From here you’ll have a few choices: read “About Lucidao” to understand what is the vision behind it, and how it will revolutionize the crypto-real world bridge. Afterward, you can have a look at the different Oracles on the platform; remember that those are suggested by the community, verified by the core team and then voted by the DAO (for more on governance, right here).

Let’s go for the option that an avid collector will choose: Visit our Shop!

Straight away you are led to the collection of watches (remember watches will be the first collectibles to be dropped on the platform, with luxury cars, rare wines, and much more coming afterward); at this stage, all the watches are represented on the page, and an easy filter helps you choose the brand you wish to have a look at (note that on the launched marketplace, you’ll have more choice of filters!).

Now you want to go for a great RALEK watch, here you have a choice of 3 offered by different Oracles, by clicking on them, you’ll get to their profile with detailed information about its looks, its provenance, the caveau service fees (insurance and storage) and how it can be delivered or picked up. You can also check the company aka the Oracle information.

Once you have made a choice and decided to purchase your favorite collectible, choose the $STABLE coin you want to pay in and confirm with your wallet. You can now see your watch in your personal collection on the Dashboard.

In the case you want to retrieve your watch(es) physically, an intermediate step will be to verify your First Point of Contact (FPOC). A verification link will be sent to the email address you provide and will ensure that the email address the Oracle is communicating with belongs to the owner of the wallet possessing the watch.

When deciding to claim it, the NFT will be frozen and you will not be able to transfer it or trade it. You can check the transaction status on Polygonscan to keep updated with the process at any time.

Once the operation is completed, and you proudly wear your collectible on your wrist, the NFT will be burned. This operation will be done jointly with the Oracle.

More next week on further functionalities!

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