Lucidao Update 1.0 | July - Week 1

Dear Lucidao Community,

As the Beta V1 of the Marketplace is now out, we have decided to slightly derail from the Weekly Updates about the marketplace functionalities this week.

We wanted to announce a much-related news: YOU can now test the marketplace and give Lucidao’s core team your feedback and comments on every aspect of the platform.

Welcome to the Marketplace Testing Program that will be launched at 11.30 AM CET on Friday 8th July!

A selection of LCD token holders will be able to participate actively in a testing & feedback session about the Marketplace.

To focus on efficiency and ensure the individuals who are getting involved are strongly committed to the development of the platform and the protocol, we have created a status for wallets holding above 50,000 LCD tokens, they will enjoy the title of Diamond Holders.

This will be granted through Discord after holders verify their wallets here.

The Diamond Holders will then be added to the Waiting Room and the first 15 to be verified will then be moved to the Testing room.

If you have made it to 1 of the 15 slots available, Lucidao’s developers will be in touch with you on Friday the 8th to introduce you to the platform, explain to you the different functionalities to be tested, and how to give your feedback.

The lucky testers will be able to mint an NFT specimen, as well as buy one: they will be provided with test tokens to be spent; they will also be able to access the platform as an Oracle to mint the specimen NFT, add collections and much more. Exciting!

To show appreciation for your support and the effort of testing the Beta version, 20,000 LCD tokens will be allocated to the participants according to interactions and feedback provided. The most prolific tester will be awarded 5000 LCD!

Hurry up, go and verify your wallet!

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