Lucidao Update 1.1 | July - Week 3

Dear Lucidao Community,

The fantastic journey of the Summer School organized by Plan B et Tether/Bitfinex in Lugano is over! It all started on the 3rd July with a boat reception gathering the 86 students, coming from 29 different nationalities, with several of the speakers including Adam Back (CEO at Blockstream), Paolo Ardoino (CTO at Tether/Bitfinex) and Jean-Louis Van der Velde (CEO at Tether/Bitfinex) present at the events and kickstarting the students' 2-week journey.

From left to right: Jean-Louis Van der Velde, Adam Back and Paolo Ardoino

For several reasons, Lucidao was involved and a main sponsor of the 2-week pioneering course:

Full disclosure before we dive into what has been taught and talked about last week: some of Lucidao team members have attended as students!

Back to the actual program; after the boat party, it was time for more serious lectures.
To start the week, the students could hear from Adam Back on Bitcoin Finance, Cryptography and Scalability. He also explained Bitcoin Liquid in more depth and gave a great overview of its use cases and its functioning.

From Paolo Ardoino the students heard on the topics of Exchanges, Stablecoins and Plan B itself which is scaling blockchain and Bitcoin throughout the city of Lugano, transforming the city's financial infrastructure. He helped the students dive into CEX vs. DEX, explained what a hybrid exchange was and how it has perks and weaknesses and gave a detailed procedure on how exchanges are open and what topics need to be taken into account.

The lectures continued throughout the week with various topics from renowned speakers: Compliance, Cybersecurity, Consensus mechanism, etc; the presentations were as interesting as the Q&A sessions!

The second week, the lectures were gradually replaced by real-life case studies. Those were ranging from a reflection on where and how to open a new exchange in Asia, applications of crypto payments within the City of Lugano, a study on how to integrate digital assets within the business models of traditional banks etc.

Last but not least, a group of students were offered the case of Lucidao:

They understood the Lucidao ecosystem very well and brilliantly presented their case, generating a dozen challenging questions from the high-level jury: a Proposal for a Decentralized Mortgage Marketplace.

And to top it off, they won the 3rd position in the prize award!

The students will write an actual PLP and propose their loan system to the community, you will be able to follow it on the forum then if it gains traction will be moved to a FLP and voted on by LCD token holders.

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