The Lucidao Marketplace for Luxury Collectibles — Key Development insights

  • An upgradeable DAO-permissioned NFT Contract Factory that is responsible for deploying and keeping track of the NFT smart contracts that the oracles will use to mint their collectibles (check our previous Medium article about the marketplace for more details on its functionalities).
  • An improved ERC721 standard blueprint, augmented with features like permissioned access structures, redeemability and other features, used by every collection deployed from the Factory.
  • An upgradeable modular NFT-based Marketplace featured with NFT custody, modifiable listings, fees calculation, and augmented security checks and others.
  • An upgradeable NFT Collateral Retriever Manager, used to facilitate a secure channel for buyers and caveau to come to an agreement for the retrieval of the collectibles backed by the NFT.
  • An upgradeable Custody Service Manager that calculates fees and redeemability of the stored collectibles.
  • An upgradeable License Manager used for giving special bonuses and statuses to users willing to lock LCD and LCD liquidity for a period of time.

We are also focusing on expanding our development and marketing team with new talents!



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